Design, Illustration, & Stuffs

Web designer, illustrator, and hobbyist cartoonist.

This is my art journal documenting my progress as I attempt to develop my style and practice drawing different... uh... things.    Enjoy?



Born on March 13 in Lincoln, Nebraska, I grew up just south of civilization in a tiny town which housed a great public school and little else.  Eldest of three brothers, I am nearly ten years happily married. I earned my associate’s degree in Visual Publications in 2006 and have worked as a graphic designer since. Illustration is a favorite past-time hobby of mine, followed closely by video games or watching tv. You know; social activities.

I work on several personal comic projects in my spare time, and am happy with none of them. As a result, I created this art blog as motivation to grow my skills and better develop my artistic style so that hopefully one day I can reliably put to paper what I see in my mind.