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This is my art journal documenting my progress as I attempt to develop my style and practice drawing different... uh... things.    Enjoy?


February 23rd, 2011  |  Posted in: Illustration

So back in February ’09 I drew another picture of my wife. Something always bothered me about it, and when my wife asked me to print off some of my pictures so we could put them up around the house, I decided to take another crack at this one. I lengthened her hair as it’s much longer now, and changed the shirt.

I still have my reservations about it. It LOOKS like her, but something is still… wrong. The previous one looked like maybe the eyes or something were in the incorrect position, but while doing this newer version I’m starting to think it was just the angle of the reference photo. I’ll have to take some new shots and try again sometime. February ’13, most like. =P

Here’s a closer shot, which looks much better than the smaller one, I think:

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