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This is my art journal documenting my progress as I attempt to develop my style and practice drawing different... uh... things.    Enjoy?


March 24th, 2012  |  Posted in: Design  |  Comments Off on 22

So I’m on the second day of the 30 day challenge, and already it’s day 3. Whoops.
Anyway, here’s “Favorite Animal”. I picked a woman. ha! It’s the kitten.

I hadn’t meant to paint this, really. But I liked the idea, so I just kept adding detail. The cat turned out a little cartoony next to the woman, but I was trying to give the cat the ‘wide eyed’ sense of amazement. I might go back someday and draw normal cat eyes instead.

But not today!



March 1st, 2009  |  Posted in: Design  |  Comments Off on #12

Here’s a new website design for a friend, modeled in the style of the old B movie promotional posters. The funnest part was the giant mantis, of course. This gave me a chance to put to use the ‘painting’ skills I’d been practicing with while doing the portraits of my wife and I. I’m pretty happy with this. Click the images for a larger version.


January 25th, 2009  |  Posted in: Design, Illustration  |  Comments Off on #8

Another school project I did. I created some promotional pieces for a new B movie called “The Destroyinator”. I attempted to recreate the vintage posters of old, when terrible monster movies like this actually warranted movie posters, rather than being straight-to-Sci-Fi-channel features.

I later did a 3D render of him, with an updated design. “This time, he’s back for blood!”:


January 17th, 2009  |  Posted in: Design, Illustration  |  Comments Off on #1

This is pretty old, but I needed something to kick this site off. Also to test functionality. Kwip needed a logo and an image for a t-shirt for last year’s walk. Here’s what I whipped up for him. Someday I’ll get him a new webdesign to go with the logo.

Here’s a closeup of the woman: